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Welcome to Mejocare, your trusted partner in navigating the path to better health. If you're considering treatment in India, you're in the right place. We understand the challenges you face, and we're here to guide you through every step of your medical journey. Best of all, our range of essential medical services is available to you for free when you begin your treatment journey with us.

Pre-Arrival Services

Seamless Planning for Peace of Mind


Swift Responses

We provide swift and detailed responses to your medical queries, ensuring you have all the information you need.


Cost Estimation

Receive accurate estimates of treatment costs to help you plan effectively.


Visa Assistance

Our team assists you in obtaining a medical visa, simplifying the paperwork.


Hotel Arrangements

We arrange seamless hotel bookings, ensuring you have a comfortable place to stay.


Appointment Scheduling

Benefit from hassle-free scheduling of medical appointments.


Tailored Packages

Explore tailored treatment packages designed to meet your specific needs.

Upon Arrival Services

Arrive with confidence


Airport Pickup

Enjoy prompt airport pickup for a smooth transition to your destination.


24x7 Support

Our dedicated patient support team is available 24x7 to address your needs.


Dietary Care

We provide dietary arrangements tailored to your preferences and requirements.


Hospitalization Assistance

Our team assists with hospitalization procedures, easing any concerns.


Language Interpreters

Expert language interpreters ensure effective communication throughout your stay.


Tailored Packages

Stay connected effortlessly with a local SIM card provided by us.

Post-Arrival Services

Your Well-Being, Our Priority


Family Updates

We offer regular updates to keep your family members informed and reassured.


Recovery Monitoring

Experience daily follow-up to closely monitor your recovery progress.


Medicine Delivery

Convenient medicine delivery is available right to your doorstep.


Extended Stay

Consider extending your stay for a rejuvenating trip if desired.


Fit to Fly Certificate

We provide a Fit to Fly certificate for your travel convenience.


Airport Drop-Off

Count on reliable airport drop-off to ensure a stress-free departure.

Additional Services

Going the Extra Mile for You


Foreign Exchange Assistance

Simplify financial transactions with our guidance and support for foreign exchange.


Shopping Support

Enjoy an enjoyable shopping experience with our assistance.


Complimentary Cab Services6

We offer complimentary cab services for added convenience.


Daily Needs

We assist in meeting your basic daily needs, making your stay comfortable.


Visa Extension

Should you require it, we provide support for visa extension.


Transportation Coordination

Let us handle all transportation needs, so you can focus on your health and well-being.

At Mejocare, we believe that your health should be your top priority. With our comprehensive range of medical services, we're here to ensure that your medical journey in India is as smooth and comfortable as possible. Begin your journey with confidence and let us take care of the rest. Fill out the inquiry form below to get started on the path to better health today.

Why Choose Mejocare

Enhanced Advantages
  • Patient Room Upgrade
  • Stress-Free Airport Transfers
  • Free City Tour
  • Free Teleconsultations
  • Enjoy a Complimentary Hotel Stay
  • Priority Appointments for Swift Care
  • Tailored Care to Accelerate Recovery
  • Round-the-Clock Patient Care
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Frequently Asked Questions

You should consider medical and surgical procedures in India for the level of service, dedication, expertise, and affordability that Indian medical tourism provides. Here in India, you will get doctors with a wide range of expertise, hospitals that offer you world-class services, and affordability that remains unmatched in the world.

Medical doctors in India are regulated by the Medical Council of India, now known as the National Medical Commission which comes under the Health Ministry. The council regulates and keeps in check the educational and experimental levels of Indian surgical and medical procedures across all Institutions. It keeps a regular check on the quality of education and expertise that is being departed to newly coming doctors. Besides this, all doctors are required to adhere to a code of conduct that matches the quality levels of the rest of the world. In short, Indian medical doctors are reliable, authentic, and experienced owing to their intense regulation and training.

India is best for medical tourism for four reasons: its quality is intensely regulated and constantly updated by central agencies. This insures a steady maintenance of quality levels. Second, various allied industries like the hospitality industry works tirelessly to help you with related matters like accommodation, food, and interpretations. Third, Indian hospitals maintain a world-class service level. This means an easier and more convenient procedure for the family and the loved ones under treatment. And lastly fourth, the affordability of Indian Medical services remains unmatched in the entire world.

Our company relies on authentic, reliable, and honest business practices. We maintain the utmost levels of transparency and ensure that our customers get the best and more affordable healthcare available in the country. We strive in our personal capacity to satisfy our business clients.

The Mejocare takes care of all the things that are between you and the medical service: traveling, accommodation, transport, translators, interpreters, and tourism. In short, the Mejocare does not let you worry about other things at all!

The company is regulated and registered and follows the highest levels of ethics and business professionalism. Apart from the effort on our side, we also offer confidentiality contracts on demand. Your information is safe with us.