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You should consider medical and surgical procedures in India for the level of service, dedication, expertise, and affordability that Indian medical tourism provides. Here in India, you will get doctors with a wide range of expertise, hospitals that offer you world-class services, and affordability that remains unmatched in the world.

Medical doctors in India are regulated by the Medical Council of India, now known as the National Medical Commission which comes under the Health Ministry. The council regulates and keeps in check the educational and experimental levels of Indian surgical and medical procedures across all Institutions. It keeps a regular check on the quality of education and expertise that is being departed to newly coming doctors. Besides this, all doctors are required to adhere to a code of conduct that matches the quality levels of the rest of the world. In short, Indian medical doctors are reliable, authentic, and experienced owing to their intense regulation and training.

India is best for medical tourism for four reasons: its quality is intensely regulated and constantly updated by central agencies. This insures a steady maintenance of quality levels. Second, various allied industries like the hospitality industry works tirelessly to help you with related matters like accommodation, food, and interpretations. Third, Indian hospitals maintain a world-class service level. This means an easier and more convenient procedure for the family and the loved ones under treatment. And lastly fourth, the affordability of Indian Medical services remains unmatched in the entire world.

Our company relies on authentic, reliable, and honest business practices. We maintain the utmost levels of transparency and ensure that our customers get the best and more affordable healthcare available in the country. We strive in our personal capacity to satisfy our business clients.

The Mejocare takes care of all the things that are between you and the medical service: traveling, accommodation, transport, translators, interpreters, and tourism. In short, the Mejocare does not let you worry about other things at all!

The company is regulated and registered and follows the highest levels of ethics and business professionalism. Apart from the effort on our side, we also offer confidentiality contracts on demand. Your information is safe with us.

Mejocare team in collaboration with the assigned hospital can help you with visa issues. After preliminary decisions on treatment, the hospital can issue an invitation letter which is later produced at the visa office.

The International Patient's division will help you with communicating with the clinic of your choice. Apart from the availability of Helpline and emails, our team is always available to assist you in this regard.

Yes, but a separate visa would be required for that, apart from the additional charges.

Our site gives detailed reviews of the experts in various fields in India. If you have your own choice of specialist, you could let us communicate your needs to them.

It is recommended that you book your accommodation and travel tickets with us so that an easier functioning and smoother treatment coordination can take place.

Our team will take care of all visa and arrival-related formalities.

Any and all kind of information regarding pre-treatment care, post-treatment condition, questions about traveling, doctors, level and destination of treatments are just a call away. Contact our medical service providers either through email or call and get the desired information in the most simple and understandable language.

A personalized assistance provider will make sure all your records are safe and dully placed. He will guide you through each step of the treatment minutely.

The fee is included in the package at the onset. All payments required will be informed to you in due course with utmost transparency.

Our team will ensure that your transportation and traveling are hassle-free and smooth. Everything will be done beforehand and you will not have to take worry yourself.

Our company provides you with value-added services which include efficient translators and interpreters at your disposal. These are well-trained professionals with adequate experience in dealing with all aspects of medical tourism.

Our team works with authentic and verified medical clinics. All recommended places of treatment will be registered as per the protocols of the National Medical Commission.

The service that we provide is affordable and smooth. With the best affordability, we offer you packages that minimize your expenses and maximize your health.VISSION

Credit cards, debit cards, and Internet banking are desired modes of payment.

All charges are made in full transparency with the approval of the client. You will be given a detailed breakup of all the costs incurred during your stay.

A separate visa would be required for that, apart from additional charges.

All medical services related to Cardiology, Neurology, Allergies, Nephrology, Cosmetics, and Diabetes, amongst many others are available.

Hospitals that we bring to you are hundred-percent equipped with world class facilities and treatment to cater to your demands and needs.

We are located in all major cities of India.

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