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Dr. Pratibha Singhi


Pediatric Neurologist


40+ Years of Experience



About Doctor

Dr Pratibha Singhi is an acclaimed Pediatric Neurologist with an extensive experience of more than 40 years.

Her educational qualifications include an MBBS from JLN Medical College, Jaipur, a Fellowship from the University of South California, Los Angeles, an MD from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, a Fellowship from the British Paediatric Association and a Fellowship from The Royal College of Paediatrics.

Her clinical expertise includes Carotid Endarterectomy, Cerebral Angioplasty, Endovascular Coiling, Surgical Clipping, Temporal Lobectomy, Lesionectomy, Hemispherectomy, and Corpus Callosotomy.

Dr. Pratibha Singhi is the author of 'Seizures and Epilepsy in Children' and the editor of an acclaimed international book on 'CNS Infections in Children.' Her contributions include over 400 published papers in India."

She is an active member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Association of Child Neurology, Indian Academy of Cerebral, Indian Council for Child Welfare,  Indian Academy of Neurology, and International Child Neurology Association among others.

Dr. Pratibha Singhi received the prestigious Oration of the Association of Child Neurology, the First S. Janaki Memorial Oration for outstanding service in Pediatric and Adolescent Neurology, the First PK Mishra Oration' on Cerebral Palsy and its management recent concepts, and the Medical Scientist Award from the Dr. Shurvir Singh Trust.   

Medical Qualifications

  • MBBS: JLN Medical College, Jaipur in 1973.
  • MD: All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi in 1978.

Clinical Expertise

Special Interest

  • Seizures and Epilepsy in infants and children
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders, 
  • Cerebral palsy 
  • ADHD and Learning Disabilities
  • Neurodevelopmental, Behavioral and Psychosomatic disorders
  • Infections of the Nervous System including Meningitis and Encephalitis
  • Neurocysticercosis
  • Tuberculosis of the Nervous System
  • Headaches
  • Acute weakness, Paralysis, and stroke in children
  • Nerve and Muscle Diseases
  • Movement Disorders

All Treatments

  • Acoustic neuroma
  • Arteriovenous malformation
  • Autonomic disorders
  • Awake brain surgery
  • Brachial plexus injuries
  • Brain tumor
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Chiari malformation
  • Cluster headache
  • Congenital myasthenic syndromes
  • Congenital myopathies
  • Craniofacial disorders
  • Craniosynostosis
  • Delayed sleep phase
  • Dystonia
  • Epilepsy
  • Glioma
  • Huntington's disease
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Inflammatory muscle disease
  • Inflammatory neuropathies (chronic and acute)
  • Meningioma
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Metachromatic leukodystrophy
  • Migraine
  • Movement disorders
  • Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN 1)
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Muscular dystrophies (congenital, Duchenne-Becker, facioscapulohumeral, limb-girdle)
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Myoclonus
  • Narcolepsy
  • Neuroimmunologic diseases
  • Pediatric brain tumors
  • Pediatric obstructive sleep apnea
  • Peripheral neuropathy (toxic, metabolic, inherited)
  • Seizure disorders
  • Sleep disorders in children
  • Spina bifida
  • Spinal muscular atrophy
  • Tay-Sachs disease
  • Tourette syndrome
  • Wilson's disease

Professional Work Experience

  • She was the Director of Pediatric Neurology at Medanta - The Medicity, Gurugram.

Career Highlights

  • Dr. Pratibha Singhi has authored a book on “Seizures and Epilepsy in Children” and edited an international book on “CNS Infections in Children”. 
  • She has published more than 400 papers in India. 

Research and Fellowships

  • Member: New York Academy of Sciences
  • Member: Indian Academy of Pediatrics 
  • Member: Association of Child Neurology 
  • Member: Indian Academy of Cerebral 
  • Member: Indian Council for Child Welfare 
  • Member: Indian Academy of Neurology 
  • Member: International Child Neurology Association 
  • Member: Asian Oceanian Child Neurology Association 
  • Member: European Pediatric Neurology Society 
  • Member: International Society for Behaviour and Development 
  • Member: American Pediatric Society
  • Member: Commonwealth Association for Mental Handicap and Development Disabilities
  • Fellowship: University of South California, Los Angeles, USA in 1976.
  • Fellowship: British Paediatric Association
  • Fellowship: The Royal College of Paediatrics

Awards and Recoginition

  • Dr Pratibha Singhi was awarded the “Oration of the Association of Child Neurology” for Lifetime Achievement in Pediatric and Neurology and Neurodevelopment in 2016.
  • She was honored with the “First S. Janaki Memorial Oration” for outstanding contribution to Pediatric and Adolescent Neurology in 2013.
  • She was conferred with the “First PK Mishra Oration” on ‘Cerebral Palsy and its Management recent concepts’ to mark the First Foundation Day Celebration of 53rd Foundation Day of King George Medical University, Lucknow in 2006.
  • She was bestowed with the "Medical Scientist Award" by Dr. Shurvir Singh Trust, Rajasthan for the year for her outstanding contributions to Medical Sciences especially in Pediatric Neurology and Neurodevelopment in 2003.

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