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Dr. Lalit Mohan Parashar


ENT Surgeon


30+ Years of Experience


New Delhi

About Doctor

Dr. Lalit Mohan Parashar has earned a stellar reputation as an ENT specialist (NCR) in Delhi and the surrounding NCR area.

He has been in practice for almost 30 years and has worked in prestigious hospitals in India, including New Delhi's Indraprastha Apollo. The renowned Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC) in New Delhi is where Dr. Parashar completed both his MD and his MS in surgery (ear, nose, and throat).

Dr. Parashar performs procedures and offers consultations for various ENT (ear, nose, and throat) and head and neck conditions.

He treats common colds, the flu, sinus infections, voice and swallowing problems, sleep apnea, ear diseases, and hearing and balance problems, and he performs Minimally Invasive Surgery for functional disorders of the nose, paranasal sinuses, and skull base, such as sinusitis, nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum, allergies, obstructive sleep apnea, nose bleeds (epistaxis), cerebral Microsurgery of the ear and Head and neck illnesses, including cancer resection and reconstruction, are also among the specialties he attends to. 

Medical Qualifications

  • MBBS from G B Pant Hospital / Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi in 1985
  • MS in ENT from G B Pant Hospital / Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi in 1988 

Clinical Expertise

Special Interest

  • Endoscopic sinus surgery 
  • Micro Ear surgery 
  • Laryngeal Surgeries

All Treatments

  • Cysts Removal Procedure
  • Laser Treatment
  • Rhinoplasty Procedure
  • Treatment of Tonsils (Tonsillitis)
  • Hearing Aid Fitting
  • Treatment of Throat and Voice Problems
  • Earlobe Repair Procedure
  • Sleep Medicine
  • Audiometry Test
  • Treatment of Sleep Disturbance
  • Sleep Study
  • Nose Reshaping Procedure
  • Vertigo Treatment
  • Insomnia Treatment
  • Hearing Testing Techniques
  • Nasal And Sinus Allergy Care
  • Cochlear Implant Procedure
  • Ear Micro Surgery
  • Treatment Of Hearing Deficiency

Professional Work Experience

  • He worked as an ENT consultant at Khosla Medical Center.
  • He worked as an ENT consultant at Majeedia.
  • He worked as an ENT consultant at Fortis Escorts.
  • At Rajan Dhal Fortis Hospital, he worked as an ENT consultant.
  • He worked as an ENT consultant at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.

Career Highlights

  • When it comes to ear, nose, and throat surgery, nobody beats the 30 years of expertise of Dr. Lalit Mohan Parashar.
  • The Indian Rhinology Society, the Association of Otolaryngologists in India (AOI), and the Indian Medical Association are all professional organizations with which he is affiliated (IMA).
  • His specialties include reconstructive middle ear surgery, functional endoscopic sinus surgery, coblation tonsillectomy (both cold and hot methods), microsurgery of the ear and mastoids, snoring diagnosis and treatment, salivary gland removal, and functional endoscopic surgery of the ear and sinuses.

Research and Fellowships

  • Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI)
  • Indian Medical Association (IMA)
  • Indian Rhinology Society
  • Cochlear Inplant Group of India (CIGI)
  • Indian Peadiatric ORL Society 

Awards and Recoginition

  • Received “LUMINARY - 2006 “at XXVII th Annual Convention, South Delhi IMA on 17th Dec - 2006
  • Received “Dr. A. K. Roy Chowdhary Award” at XXVII th Annual Convention, South Delhi IMA on 18th Dec - 2005
  • Received “President’s Appreciation Award” at 46th Annual Day, Delhi Medical Association on 30th March - 2003

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