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Dr. Arif Wahab




8+ Years of Experience


New Delhi

About Doctor

Dr. Arif Wahab is one of the best cardiologists in Delhi and is highly regarded for his ability to diagnose and treat patients with heart conditions and pacemakers. He also monitors patients' blood pressure and heart rates at home. Complex medical situations, like stroke and congenital heart disease, require the expertise of cardiologists like Dr. Wahab.

The heart is a crucial organ because it supplies the body with oxygenated blood. A healthy heart is essential for good blood flow. As a result, patients with heart problems should see a cardiologist like Dr. Arif for targeted care. He conducts diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as transoesophageal echocardiography (ECHO), primary angioplasty in myocardial infarction (PAMI), and dobutamine stress testing.

After gathering patient's history, a renowned cardiologist like Dr. Wahab will perform a physical examination. The patient's condition will determine whether or not a cardiogram and stress test are recommended after a blood test. After a thorough examination, the doctor will make treatment and medication recommendations. In addition, he will suggest modifying your eating habits, way of life, and exercise regimen.

Dr. A. Wahab is a popular choice among patients and fellow doctors due to his 8 years of experience and warm demeanor in cardiology. When interacting with patients, he is understanding and patient. 

Medical Qualifications

  • MBBS from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 2002
  • MD in General Medicine from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 2005
  • DM in Cardiology from Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, 2012 

Clinical Expertise

Special Interest

  • Treadmill tests
  • Pacemakers patients
  • Color Doppler 
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • Stroke 
  • Congenital heart disease.
  • Dobutamine stress test
  • FFR (Fractional flow reserve)
  • Trans-esophageal ECHO
  • PAMI (Primary angioplasty in myocardial infarction).

All Treatments

  • Coronary Angiogram
  • Renal Angiogram
  • Cerebral Angiogram
  • Peripheral Angiogram
  • PTCA-Percutaneous Transluminal
  • Coronary Angioplasty
  • Peripheral Angioplasty
  • Aortic Stent Grafting
  • EPS-Electrophysiological
  • Radiofrequency Ablation
  • IVC Filter Insertio
  • Biventricular Pacing
  • AICD

Professional Work Experience

  • Currently, he is a cardiologist at Apollo Hospitals in Delhi.

Career Highlights

  • The Apollo Hospital in Delhi is home to a cardiologist with more than eight years of experience. He has dealt with various difficult medical cases, earning praise for his precision in diagnosis and compassionate care for his patients.

Research and Fellowships

  • Cardiological Society of India (C.S.I)
  • International Affiliate Member SCAI (USA)
  • American Society of Echocardiography (ASE)
  • Society of Critical Care Medicine, USA

Awards and Recoginition

  • As such, he is a member of the research team for the Monitoring in Dialysis Study of Arrhythmia and Sudden Death in Hemodialysis Patients.
  • He is also a co-investor at OLDHAT 

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