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28+ Years of Experience



About Doctor

Dr. Ajay Sharma has worked in the field of ophthalmology for over 28 years. He heads up the medical team at Eye-Q Super-Speciality Eye Hospital in Gurgaon, Haryana, as the Chief Medical Director. At the Apollo Spectra Sheetla Hospital & Eye Institute in Gurgaon, he works as a consultant ophthalmologist.

In India, Dr. Sharma was an early innovator in the ophthalmology specialty. In the year 2000, he was the first person in Haryana to perform Lasik. In addition, he was one of the first three refractive surgeons in India to perform accommodative intraocular lens crystalens implantation, toric intraocular lens implantation, and toric multifocal implantation.

More than 40,000 of Dr. Sharma's surgeries have been deemed a success. He is an active member of the HOS, NZOS, DOS, AIOS, ESCRS, AAO, and S-MICS, among other ophthalmology organizations.

Dr. Sharma has extensive experience and training as an ophthalmologist. He has gained renown for his pioneering approaches and unwavering dedication to patient satisfaction. Many patients and their loved ones look to him as a reliable resource. 

Medical Qualifications

  • MBBS from PGIMS, Rohtak (1990)
  • MS Ophthalmology from PGIMS, Rohtak (1994) 

Clinical Expertise

Special Interest

  • Glaucoma
  • Oculoplasty
  • Refractive Surgery
  • Squint

All Treatments

  • Eye Check-Up
  • Treatment of Squint
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Laser Treatment
  • Lasik Surgery Treatment
  • Vertigo Treatment
  • Routine Eye Checkup
  • Vitreo-Retinal Surgery
  • Laser Cataract Surgery
  • Reduced Vision Treatment
  • Visual Field Testing
  • Oculoplastic Surgery
  • Retina And Lasik Surgery
  • Refractive Surgery
  • Endoscopic Dcr Procedure
  • Eye Muscle Surgeries
  • Otoplasty Surgery
  • Blepharoplasty Procedure
  • Corneal Surgery

Professional Work Experience

  • He is currently working at Eye-Q Super-Speciality Eye Hospital in Gurgaon.

Career Highlights

  • Dr. Ajay Sharma has worked in the field of ophthalmology for over 28 years.
  • He has successfully completed over 40 thousand operations.
  • He was the first refractive surgeon in North India to use ARTISANS PHAKIC IOLs, and he was one of the first three in India to use accommodative intraocular lenses (Crystalens) and toric intraocular lenses (IOLs).
  • He was the first surgeon to use the Stellaris Phaco System from Bausch & Lomb to implant a micro incision lens during cataract surgery in 2007.
  • In the year 2000, Dr. Sharma was the pioneer who brought Lasik to Haryana.
  • At conferences and CMEs in India, he has performed more than seventeen live surgeries.
  • He belongs to numerous organizations, including the HOS, NZOS, DOS, AIOS, ESCRS, AAO, and S-MICS.

Research and Fellowships

  • HOS, 
  • NZOS, 
  • DOS, 
  • AIOS, 
  • ESCRS, 
  • AAO 
  • S-MICS

Awards and Recoginition

  • At the 2006 All India Achievers Conference, he was honored with the Arch of Excellence (Medicare) award.
  • His outstanding work and contributions to India Ophthalmology earned him a gold medal from the Intraocular Implant & Refractive Society of India (IIRSI). Mr. Rosaiah, on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu, presented the medal.
  • He was named the Best Eye Care Service Provider by Frost & Sullivan in 2012.
  • He is the 2013 recipient of the Business and Service Excellence Award for Ophthalmology in North India.
  • In 2015, the Governor of Haryana, Punjab, and Chandigarh, Prf. Kaptan Singh Solanki ji, presented him with the Excellence Award for Service to Humanity.

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